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Best Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Julian - February 4, 2018 - 0 comments

We’re showing you the best double exposure Photoshop actions to create surreal images and portraits to add on your portfolio or instagram profile. Photoshop actions represents maybe the best tool if you want to create a double exposure effect in a few minutes.

The style of this effect allows you to blend two or more images based on a technique used by photographers were the images are exposed into the same frame. Portraits or profile silhouettes are often combined with landscape images or landmark places hence creating a surreal scene

This effect is very popular among digital artists which was also used in True Detective TV series opening credits. Take a look at these masterpiece examples of double exposure portraits.

double exposure photo effect with urban envirommnent
double exposure women portrait with photoshop action
double exposure portrait effect in photoshop
girl double exposure effect with photoshop action
double exposure portrait forest
double exposure portrait instagram

What is a double exposure action?

Basically this photoshop action uses two or more images to create multiple stories in a single photo, much as a “a thousand words picture” .

In addition this effect uses a technique of layer masks, blend modes, overlays in a matter of seconds. So if you don’t like the results, you can change one or more images and play the action again for a different result.

Double Exposure Tutorial

If you have more free time you can learn from photoshop masters. There are plenty of double exposure photoshop tutorials on youtube with great indications. I recommend this video Double Exposure in Photoshop.

Free Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Double exposure actions you can download for free therefore create your own portrait or photo with double exposure effect.

Free Double Exposure Action by CrativeTacos
free double exposure photoshop action
Ultimate Double Exposure Action

Here are the best premium double exposure actions, in our opinion.

Double Exposure Action

double exposure photoshop action
double exposure ps action
double exposure photoshop action with women portrait and surfing scene

Double Exposure Photo Template

double exposure photo template
double exposure photo template in photoshop

We made some cool flyers with double exposure actions.

Visit our shop to see our double exposure flyer templates we made with this effect, some even with these photoshop actions.

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